1. Wanted: Femmebassadors!

    Have you been wanting to get involved in Femme2010, but you live far away? You can still help! Sign up to be a Femmebassador in your own city!

    What’s a Femmebassador? The Femmebassadors make up our on-the-ground promotional team, across the US and Canada. Femmebassadors “liberate” printouts of our flyers from their work printers/copiers or spend a few bucks here and there if they can afford it to run off some copies of our flyers, handbills, and posters. Femmebassadors might post a few flyers at their local feminist / queer bookstore or pass out handbills at Pride or another femme-friendly event. Femmebassadors also spread the word to their local queer / underground / queer-friendly news outlets, message boards, etc.

    And you don’t have to be a femme to be a Femmebassador. Femmebassadorship is open to any and all! Email us at femmecollectivemedia@gmail.com with your name and location!


    Femme Collective Media Committee

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  2. I think to see other women and how they do femme is really inspiring and awesome to me because I struggle with people not acknowledging that I’m some kind of visible gay. [And also within the femme community] sometimes I feel like my stilettos aren’t tall enough or my lipstick isn’t bright enough, or whatever. And I think a lot of people deal with that—like, I’m not gay enough, I’m not trans enough, I’m not hip enough, or whatever it is that they are struggling to meet the stereotype. To go there and to see every slice of the femme pie that you can imagine is awesome, and it is such a reflection for me that I can be my own breed of femme…and I can still be acknowledged within the community as femme…and I can go back to my community and feel really fed and empowered.
    – Femme Singer/Songwriter Ingrid Elizabeth, of Coyote Grace, in Curve Magazine, on the Femme Conference! http://www.curvemag.com/Curve-Magazine/Web-Articles-2008/Queer-as-Folk-Meet-the-Sultry-Miss-Coyote-Grace/

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